Since last year, the Netherlands has welcomed a new mysterious tea to the Dutch market. Well, new. The opposite actually. This ancient superleaf already has a rich 2000 year old history in the Amazon rainforest. This exceptional tea is called Guayusa, an infusion drawn from the dried leaves of the Guayusa holly. Guayusa is found pretty much exclusively in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

An exceptional tea? Absolutely! Guayusa tea has a complex natural composition and has many qualities. In this first blog we address its unique Energy. You do not drink a guayusa tea, you will experience it! #hetjivaroeffect .

Energy Tea

Guayusa is naturally high in caffeine, less than coffee but much more than regular tea. This, of course, provides energy. But simultaneously, guayusa also contains strong relaxing and even stress-reducing qualities. The combination of energy and relaxation provides an unique effect: a concentrated mind with a relaxed body. Very different from the usual rushed caffeine sensation. The energy is even so balanced that we would describe it as ‘yoga energy’.

Sharp Senses

The indigenous groups within which guayusa is a cornerstone of its heritage e.g. the Jivaro) are hunters. Guayusa’s yoga energy is vital for them. It sharpens their senses, improves their concentration and alertness and keeps them awake. They smell better, see better, follow the tracks of their prey better and aim better. Crucial for a successful hunt .

Improve Concentration

Our society has outgrown hunting for food already for quite some time. But we too can greatly benefit from the unique energy of guayusa. People in developed countries, generally live in performance driven societies. Every day top performances are expected from us, often in the form of brainwork. “The Energy Tea of Amazon Hunters” can also offer a vital contribution for this. Its yoga energy provides a sharp mind, but with a relaxed body. And without the nervousness and crash, often associated with other caffeinated drinks. Guayusa is now for many a cornerstone at work.

Buy Guayusa Tea?

Discover the yoga energy of Guayusa yourself. Guayusa is available online via our website ( ). Convenient to use due to the luxury pyramid tea bags.